From the work of one of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s instructors, comes Robert Berman HA’a who brings to us “Sacred Water”, the worlds most Magnificent display of spirit in the water that has ever been shown.

These discoveries of Images in the water, truly puts a damper on the collective conditioned minds of our present day structure. Images that will help remove the continued attempts to hide and suppress the truth from us.

“Sacred Water”, is more then a video, it’s an event that one truly needs to experience. You will not be the same after watching this beautiful display of Essence in the water.
Three Thumbs Up! -N.W.V. Publishing

“The day is now here when we will begin to see many great things coming through into our third dimensional reality. Events will begin to take place that will remove all doubt about who and what we are. Experiences will come forth that will bring us to a place of awareness ~ where we will now know that we are GOD consciousness in the universe.”

Robert Berman ~ HA’a
Experience ! “Sacred Water”

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