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Sometimes it takes a while to get to know someone ~ we listen to their stories of life. We look at what kind of job they have, how they dress, and then we make a conclusion based upon who we think they are.

Then again sometimes we can stand in the presence of another and truly know them by their essence, their smile, or by the sound of their voice. This is why I like to express myself through music and toning without using any words. I feel that I truly can present my soul in the purest way, which is through the breath.

Although for those of you that like to read about someone, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself. The information here has no intention other than to simply give you an idea of who I am, along with letting you know a few things of what I have been up to during this life time.

I was born in South Philadelphia on January 11th 1958 at 5:30pm, to my mother Jeanne Magdalena Halstead. She was raised in a convent in the northern part of Nottingham England. During the 2nd World War, my Grandmother had her hands full and had to place my mother in a convent where she was raised by the nuns.

My father, Sidney Berman & his family were Jews that came from Russia. Since both of my parents had experienced so much religious dogma growing up they both decided not to give any religious teachings to me or my brother as children. Instead they allowed us to grow up and have the experience of free will and to find out for ourselves. I can honestly say that I am very grateful to both of them for this gift.

While growing up, I did try to experiment with a few religions by joining my childhood friends in the neighborhood. In my early teens, I heard that one could be saved and become born again. So I became a Born Again Christian. I later studied Buddhism and went to visit many different groups, although none of them ever felt right.

Back then I truly did not know that GOD or anything else in that manner was real. None of it seemed to feel quiet right. I was definitely lost when it came to trying to understand the crazy world that I lived upon while trying to fit in.

If you have ever seen the movie Rocky, there’s a scene where Rocky is running through the streets in the Italian market with all the vendors. Well, that’s where I grew up. Back then in the heart of the city, many gang wars took place. Fear was all over the city. Anger and hate was a normal way of life for most of the people where I lived and unfortunately as a child I became exposed to it and then became part of it as well.

At the age of ten my parents took my brother and I out of the city, where we moved to the upper part of town. I believe that this could have very well saved the lives of my brother and I from all the racial tensions and the shootings from the gangs and violence that surrounded us.

Graduate School of hard Knocks ~ I received two years of education at the local community college. I studied both Music and Film. Having to make a living I was forced out of school and into the working world.

Work ~ In the years that followed I worked many different kinds of jobs from painting walls, picking lettuce in the fields with our immigrant workers to scrubbing toilets as a janitor. I once had a brief experience of speaking on the radio in promotions. At age 25 I created an import export business. I had so many jobs and truly had a difficult time fitting in.

At the age of thirty one, after becoming a graduate at the school of hard knocks, I founded a successful International freight logistics business that serviced all 48 states helping companies create shipping solutions for internationally well known fortune 500 companies. The customers were MCI Telecommunications, Motorola, Tyco, Amp Electronics, Telecom of Spain, and many others. I held complete control of the company for more then ten years. While traveling to many countries and learning much about the world, I truly believe my success had much to do with how I treated the customers.

November 1999

One day after coming home from work and feeling really stressed out, I prayed for what I believe was the very first time in my life. The difference this time was that I prayed from my heart, I prayed for days, trying to make sense of this reality that is called Earth. I was not depressed. I had everything that one could possibly want except understanding of life. I knew that there was something really Big missing in the whole picture.

Several weeks later my prayer was answered. I was then made aware of a choice that I had to make. The choice was shown to me from what I believe was an angel. I never saw her although I felt her. The two choices were “Did I want to continue to live my life in an illusionary world, or did I want to live in a world with a much higher consciousness, in a reality in knowing that I am a soul, having the experience of being a human.”

After having what I call my first spiritual awakening, I then made a choice. I left my company and moved to Sedona Arizona. Where, I then began a spiritual path that I have been on ever since.

Nature’s Education:

For the first two years I did nothing other then to go into the forest and connect with nature. I traveled through the mountains and sat next to the water listened to the wind and connected with what I believed and believe today that nature is where the greatest teachers are to be found. Where we can re-member who we are.

After spending two years in nature, I thought it was a good time to go back to the working world. I then founded a writers group called “INK n” NOTES”, which was held in the Sedona Public library for more than a year. The director of the library at the time once informed me that they had never seen such a large group come together. The group embraced the raw talents of many.

Since then I have written three Books ~ started up an Audio Production company, became a self publishing author and have began to Sing Ethereal Opera, which I truly love being part of.

I became an Ordained Minister, in the order of Melchizedek, a path, where one makes a commitment to oneself and spirit to the help humanity. In helping people to remember one of the single most important truth, that Love is the only thing that truly matters and the only thing that is real.

I wrote a double CD Audio book called “The Journey to a Place Called Love”. The book is about remembering that in which we have forgotten, how to practice forgiveness. I am still learning what I wrote.

On a softer note, I love to write music, sing, play guitar, harmonica, keyboards, Native American Flute, Drumming, Chanting, and also love taking photographs.


HA'a Fire Ceremony - Remember the

Shamanism is a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world. A practitioner of Shamanism is known as a Shaman. There are many variations of Shamanism throughout the world; following are beliefs shared by all forms of Shamanism:

  • Spirits exist and they play important roles both in individual lives and in human society.
  • The Shaman can communicate with the spirit world.
  • The Shaman can treat sickness caused by evil spirits.
  • The Shaman can employ trance inducing techniques to incite visionary ecstacy.
  • The Shaman's spirit can leave the body to enter the supernatural world to search for answers.
  • The Shaman evokes animal images as Spirit guides, omens, and message-bearers.

Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spiritswhich affect the lives of the living. In contrast to organized religions like animism or animatism which are lead by priests and which all members of a society practice, Shamanism requires individualized knowledge and special abilities. Shaman operate outside established religions, and, traditionally, they operate alone. Shaman can gather into associations, as Indian tantric practitioners have done.

The work that I have performed with success is clearing relationships. ~ both present and past live times. Love is the answer to all that which is and to whatever has been.

Talents & Abilities

  • Photographer ~ 30 Years of experience
  • Producer & Director of Sacred Water Fire & Water Sedona Tales & Trails of the Red Rocks
  • Author of ~ Sacred Water ~ Journey to a Place called Love ~ White Wolf

"HA'a embraces and teaches us how to re-experience the 'oneness' of God and the importance of co-creating responsibly and respectfully while on Mother Earth.
~~~ World Voice Publishing

  • Composer & Song Writer of Ceremony ~ Essence ~ Creation ~ Bardo ~ Angles ~ Release into IAM plus many other CD's.

The miraculous continues to appear and flow through concerts, healings and all that he touches. HA�a, has brought the ancient ones through. His Voice, a vessel that empowers God potential igniting all that come to him. CHONEYE

Essence CD Thank you HA'a for being the channel for bringing this powerful healing music through. Rhonda Myers Healing Arts Association

"Robert Berman HAa, takes complicated and important concepts and teaches them using simple, charming and fun ways of learning crucial insights into how to do life."

"After experiencing a meditation with Robert, I was given the tools on how to end my 10 years of silence with my son. Now I speak with my Son at lease once a week..." read more...

  • Telepathically Communicate with Animals, Water

    Smiling Horse Photo by HA'a -
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Public Speaker and Seminar Presenter

"I met HA'a at a Carmel California presentation. I want to thank him again for sharing his truth and the 'innocence' of his Sprit! This is helping many to do the for me, his message, along with the very loving guides who were there with him and to which he is willing to open the doorway for, was a catalyst for me to finally see the last bits of pain. Thank You HA'a peace to you! "

  • Sound & Color Healer ~ Vocals ~ Tuning Forks ~ Color in sound
  • Reiki Master

I am very grateful to GOD ~ my Source. In all of my healing work, whatever is needed in the moment, is usually what comes through for me and whomever I am working with.

I realize that Love is the most powerful energy that exist and the only energy that can never truly be destroyed. In my sessions I call upon the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Mother Mary, Jesus, Haneil and being that I live in Northern Arizona, I call upon many of the Ancient Native American Spirits. Many of which also show up during my presentations. To learn more about my healing work please visit

I just returned from making a Movie on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I was introduced to a Hawaiian healing system where I have witnessed miracles take place.

Ho O Pono Pono

Simply by saying these words over and over ~ where the words become you, while directing them to anyone or thing will change the situation and you...

I am sorry ~ Please forgive me ~I love you ~ Thank You

Now is the time for you to heal

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That You

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