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Sacred Water the book - by Robert Berman HA'a
With a tear in her eye, she said, “These photos finally confirm for me what I have been thinking all my life. You have no idea what they mean to me. Thank you so much for bringing them to my people.” Diane Uqualla, Vice Chair for the Havasupai Tribe.

"Robert's story is deeply profound and moving. You feel as though you are with him in all his adventures.....experiencing the richness of one discovery after another.....with the Havasupai Indians in the Grand Canyon, Hawaiian natives, Hopi.....the Spirit of Water and all of Nature. A beautiful account of how connected we all are and how powerful we are as cocreative beings.

"As one who does not feel the need to read much anymore, I highly recommend reading this for the experience--sharing in the fulfillment and recognition of who we truly are. Many practical ways are revealed to become more in tune with the energy of water and our true selves." ~ Chantarah Rose

"Unfolding his path that is intertwined between two realities ~ the physical and spiritual worlds ~ Robert HA'a shares with us not only the fundamental need, but the reality of how important 'Sacred Water' is. Through his words he paints a picture, drawing us into the necessity and importance of the Restoration of Past, Present, and Future into our world.

"He embraces and teaches us how to re-experience the 'oneness' of God and the importance of co-creating responsibly and respectfully while on Mother Earth. I was moved beyond human comprehension after reading, then actively participating with the water through his guided suggestions. It changed my life and will change yours as well. This is a Must Read for everyone!"
~ Mary Ashley, crt-rmt, fei, qtp

“I remember,” he begins. And the wisdom of the ancients, cradled in all of nature, is transmitted to the reader through HA'a’s book, “Sacred Water.” I highly recommend this book.
~ Dr. Chiara Gasparro, Ed.D.

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The Music of Ceremony is a gathering of the ancient ones Connecting the Native Americans together with the heart of the Japanese. In the honoring of all life, HA’a pulls in the great ones to put together this... Powerful music! Chanting and drumming like never heard before. more...

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A compelling composition that will take you to a place you won't want to leave. Music that moves the soul to a dimension beyond The world as we know it. HA'a & Chone' bring to you a sound that is more than listening to beautiful music, it's a journey into.. Heaven. Close your eyes and set yourself free. 


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From the soundtrack "Sacred Water" Comes this Amazing piece of music that will take you into a higher reality and change the energy of all who come to listen to it. The Essence of this music truly take you on a journey to a sacred place within yourself. more...



"Release Into IAM" works on the depths of all levels allowing listeners to access their inner core of reality. "Release Into IAM" facilitates inner healing, activating the power of self-realization and encourages letting go naturally...in an easeful way. 

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