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A great teacher with many wonderful surprises.

Great teachers are those who can take complex ideas or concepts and explain them to students in ways that make them simple, uncomplicated, and easy to understand. Great teachers see art in all aspects of reality, and have the unique gift of finding beauty even in the mundane. That is the gift that my friend Robert Berman, intuitive artist, creator, and life coach teacher, has to share with the world.

Robert is one of those gifted people who given his close relationship with God and mother nature, can have a desire - such as learning to play the flute - and within a few hours of picking up the instrument for the first time, was literally giving a concert to hundreds of people who were simply blissed out by the beauty of his music. That happened!

Often, Robert and I have Friday morning coffee at the New York Bagel Company in Sedona where we both live. One morning Robert and I were discussing the remarkable ability of some Tibetan monks who have trained their memories so they can literally remember hundreds of pages of Buddhist sutras with instant and perfect recall. After I made this statement, Robert spontaneously began to sing, in perfect tonality, the famous, complex guttural temple chants, as sung at the Lasa Temple in Tibet. Astonished, I said “how in the world are you able to sing like that?” and he replied, I was a monk over and over again in former lives. I’m simply singing now, that which I have sung for God knows how many life times.”

One day I was having a particular challenging time regulating my thoughts. I was quite confused with what my mind was presenting to my consciousness. I once believed that Devils and Angels where simply metaphysical concepts that were a way for humans to describe contrasting forces in nature. Now, for what it’s worth, I see these as “entities” that actually exist, and that we, as beings with free will, have the opportunity to make fundamental choices as to what we will or won’t let into our minds. Given there is the distinct possibility that we are creating our entire realities on a quantum electrical level, thoughts therefore creating things, we must learn to train our minds in order to create the universe that we wish to live in. Do we want peace and beauty or an eternity of hell?

So Robert and I were having a discussion about this topic of controlling our thought processes and how difficult it was for me to do that. Robert, in his matter of fact way, offered his solution to my problem by telling me a story:

The story was about a man having the very same problem as I was with thought control. One day the man asked God what he can do to have a wonderfully creative and peaceful life. The man was praying for peace, but unfortunately his mind was constantly filled with dark and scary images of devils, fire, destruction and everlasting hell. The ideas crept into his mind and no matter how hard he tried to “be in the light” the terrible thoughts persisted. So, in desperation, he prayed to God for help, and God answered.

God told the man that this indeed was his lucky day. He knew the man to be a righteous and just fellow and that he deserved to have a mind full of peace and everlasting beauty.

So God told the man that he was going to gift him with the best job in the entire world to reward him for his efforts towards finding everlasting truth and beauty. The man asked what that job might be. God said, I’m going to give you the job of doorman to the most amazing nightclub in the entire universe. The challenge with this job, he said, is that everybody in the universe wants to get inside and experience the fun and beauty of the nightclub.

The man was really curious about the position. He asked, “When does it start?”. God said it starts right now, this minute. “What does it pay?”, asked the man. “Anything you want, replied the lord. The man said he was worried that he didn’t have the right clothes for the job, and God said, “You are dressed fine as you are, and not to worry, you can start now if you want to.” “Do you want the job?” God asked. “What duties do I have to perform? “, asked the man. God, getting somewhat irritated, asked, “Do you want the job or not?”. The man, thinking this is to good to be true, hesitated. “OK, so you don’t want the position, is that it?”, God asked. “Fine, I’ll just give it to somebody else. You’ve had your chance!” The man, thinking, thinking, thinking, quickly said, “OK, I’ll do it! So, what are my duties?”

This is how God described the duties of this job:

“First, you go inside of this amazingly beautiful nightclub, that resembles the most architecturally stunning palace ever built and clean it out. You do that with your breath, blowing the blue light energy of healing and creativity from you mouth into the vast meeting hall of the palace. Once the place is sanitized of all but purity, love, and harmony, you go outside and stand vigilant at the front door. You must understand that the palace is a place where all in the entire universe will want to enter. So your job is to be very watchful and not miss anybody or anything that wants to enter. It is you job to keep the place sacred and full of light and beauty. You do that by watching, and only admitting those of pure heart and love to the party. When you have accomplished this simple task, you will have achieved love, peace, creativity and everlasting beauty in your life.”

This story illustrates how Robert Berman teaches. He takes complicated and important concepts, and teaches them using simple, charming and fun ways to learn crucial insights into how to do life.

After experiencing this fun meditation with Robert, I became more present with my thoughts, and realized that many of my thoughts had not been serving me. Realizing this brought me an amazing gift. I was able to end a 10 year silent relationship with my son. Now I speak with my Son at least once a week. Thank you Robert! Thank you for this beautiful gift.


The Night Club is the Temple of your being, (Your body and Mind) ~
The Door that needs watching is the mind. The Job is to watch your thoughts while constantly checking them to see what energies are trying to get in or may have already gotten in. A simple tune up of Rethinking, can change everything in your world.”

Energy Transference

To whom it may concern: Energy Transference is Absolutely possible; creating miracles to change events, situations circumstance in lives, in people.

I am privileged to testify of facts that I saw freedom birthed into my personal life; not only amazing magic and power emerge of the deepest enmeshed trials and tragedies of trauma, abuse, injustice showing its face.

Robert Berman, HA’a intervened with his Energy Transference Gifts beyond understanding. I observed many actual situations where Robert intervened through ceremony, music, prayer, transmuting clearing even the darkest deepest energies that seemed impossible to change. I have personally seen him fight hell itself with his own life being threatened.

I saw and observed the most entangled webs of injustice, crime, abuse clear. I saw families reunited after years of separation. I saw bodies melt away disease, pain and understanding come.

My daughter attempted suicide. Robert intervened, her life changed immediately. My second son recently attempted suicide, Robert intervened, he overnight went back to work and is progressing. My third son, I was able to hold after thirty years of not being able to after Robert intervened.

I am free from literal prison doors. I am now working after fifty years of being disabled. I know absolutely that I would not have these miracles in my life if this Great Master Being had not assisted with his huge heart, God Voice through his remarkable music, Shamanic Healing capacities; his wise intuitive knowledge and understanding he brings to the situations, people, businesses he works with, Beyond Miracles.

To You Great HA’a I am Eternally Grateful to once again hold my children and be free to live life to the fullest.