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Healing your inner child

Many of you have heard that the healing of the child within is so very important. You may be asking, what exactly does this mean? And how do I do this?

Here is an exercise that creates the opportunity to become a responsible parent to our inner child. The person who looks after the inner child is, at the same time, loving the parent who is also the child. This gives you the opportunity to become more whole and present, in the now.

In this exercise there is no one to blame, no fault finding. Here lays an opportunity for You ~ the Now You ~ to become the savior of your own life. Become the guardian you have been waiting for.

The ancient ones and many of the indigenous people of today continue to hold a belief that having their photo taken would somehow take a piece of their soul from them. For this reason, many do not like having their photos taken. According to HA'a, What actually happens when a photo is received ( rather than taken ), its that a reproduction takes place of the actual Energy or Chi field of that exact moment in time and place. Nothing is actually taken, its only duplicated.

It's time to love the child ~ back alive again.

Portrait of Robert Berman HA'a inner child and at 50 years old
Above is a merged photograph of when I was 5 and myself now at age 50.

The photo on the left was taken in front of a large assembly of other kids and parents. The photo was taken for my kindergarten class. I was very nervous that day.

The one on the right was taken on a very good day, where I was in peace, feeling centered and feeling very present.

By observing the photo on the left, I begin to remember the beautiful little boy I was at age 5. Looking at the photograph, I begin to remember the energy that surrounded me back then. I experienced the energies of being a frightened little boy who wanted nothing more then to simply feel safe and to know that everything was going to be okay.

By observing the photo on the right side, I become more present and begin to feel safe. Looking back on the last 45 years, I can see that I have made it through many trials and learned many great lessons.

Even to this day, the little boy is very much alive in me and his energy is still a part of me. As I look at the photo, I hold the energy of that very moment, when I was 5 years old.

By merging the separate photos into one, the energy changes in both of them. With all the knowledge that has come from living, I now know how to love this little boy and how to make him feel safe. The now me is here to look after him and love and protect him.

Everyday I observe this photo, while sending love to both of them. So I now become the parent and the child, rebuilding my inner family, holding us in the space of peace and love.

Try this exercise. You may be surprised at what you will experience.

Find a photo of yourself when you were 5 years old or so, and a very recent one of you on a good day. Merge the images together. Begin sending blessings of love to yourself. Say these words over and over again while directing the words towards the merged photograph of yourself as a child and as you are today:

I Love You ~ I am here now

I am Responsible ~ I am here now being responsible once again

I am Sorry ~ that I left you ~ I am here now ~ and promise, I will never leave you again

Please Forgive me ~ I am here now

Thank you ~for allowing me to love you once again

I Am ~ Reborn ~ in Love ~ for me

In Order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven once again ~ We must become like little children once again - Jesus

Rules of being a Child: Play alot~ Laugh alot ~ Love alot ~ Imagine alot 

Now is the time 

for You to heal You


Prove to You

That You



The photo below is an even a younger of me. The smile of this little boy is now helping remember the joy that this little boy once knew. It was taken on a happy day. A day when I got to be with my father.

Young Robert Berman photo

"Hi Robert, It was great to connect with you while you were in Carmel area. Thanks so much for taking the time to come to Carmel before you left and for sharing your Light and Being.

You did indeed help me see a key in my healing ( inner balancing) that I didn't see before.... my mother's reflection of how I was not nurturing my inner child, my innocent spirit. I now feel much more calm and balanced, safe and free in the world.

You are one of three people I've met so far in my life that can sit in a room, just Be, being aware, and allowing that Spirit to SEE Love and Light in others. This is the gift you offer others, which as you know, heals the mind and 'sets Spirit free' here in this world.
Thanks so much. Peace on your travels." ~ NKC

"Thanks Robert I felt inspired by you and also energetically protected. And that is a great gift that you have. Thank You" NKC

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