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A web site dedicated to bringing your awareness a bit closer to understanding the consciousness of water. In this site Robert Berman HA'a, shares with us his Amazing Photography that truly shares the essence and beauty that water has to offer.

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The Sacred Water DVD , a magnificent display of photos of Spirit in the water. In the Spiritography section of the Sacred Water DVD, you can view photos of the GOD of Water Poseidon; Ganesh; The Green Man; The Shaman; and many other stunning photographs.

Sacred Water DVD
(( Academy Award for the Healing Arts ))
New World Voice Publishing

Here you will find~

Music and books that offer insight into working with water and connecting with spirit, while helping each of us remember how to heal ourselves.

Through his own research, Robert Berman HAa has learned that simply having a photo image of water can help create a perfect tool for enhancing energy, while also creating a powerful and beautiful Chi Energy to the area.

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Water Tours

Water Tours
A tour that will help you to remember
How to reconnect with Flow and Movement again more...


About Robert Berman
My name is Robert Berman, also known as HA'a. I have carried a story within me that has truly changed my world to the point of knowing it is way too important to keep to myself. This is why I bring it to you. more...

Sacred Water - the ebook
With a tear in her eye, she said, “These photos finally confirm for me what I have been thinking all my life. You have no idea what they mean to me." more...


Sacred Water DVD
Robert Berman HA’a brings to us “Sacred Water”, the worlds most Magnificent display of spirit in the water that has ever been shown. more...


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