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Hello and welcome to the Photo Galleries of Remember The Water. Here you find beautiful photos taken by Robert Berman HA’a. The Images here come from many different places. Mainly Arizona , California, Hawaii & Wyoming.

Gallery A ~ Contains many photos from most Mount Shasta, California. The Water shown here comes from being underground in a mountain for more then 300 years. The energy is truly amazing. In my opinion it’s holds the highest vibration of any water that I have photographed.

Gallery B ~ Contains water from the high desert of Sedona Arizona. Water that runs next to Vorticies holds very powerful vibration.

Essence of Water Gallery ~ Can the essence of water truly be felt simple by looking at a photograph? Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice dating back somewhere between 2000 to 5000 years ago

Spiritography Gallery ~ Contains the Spiritography section. Here you will find some of the most fascinating images of spirits in water that have ever been shown. Parental Guidance is highly suggested here.

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On the Sacred Water DVD you will find most of the images in these galleries.

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See more and learn more about water in the "SACRED WATER"

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