My name is Robert Berman, also known as HA'a. I have carried a story within me that has truly changed my world to the point of knowing it is way too important to keep to myself. This is why I bring it to you. My story is of discovering images in the water~~ images that remove the conditioning of the collective minds of our present day structure. These images will help remove the continued attempts to hide and suppress the truth from us, helping us to remember that the Earth is very much alive.

Let me begin by first sharing with you some of the events that have happened, which have led me to this day--and the reason for bringing forth this web site to the world. On December 17th, 2004 just 9 days prior to Tsunami taking place in South East Asia, I was looking outside the window of my home in Sedona, Arizona. I saw thousands of birds surrounding my home, which is approximately 8,000 miles away from the epicenter of where the Tsunami was soon to take place. Interestingly enough, none of my neighbors ever saw the birds.

I believe that the animals were feeling what the earth was about to do. It's interesting to take note that hardly any of the animals where the Tsunami took place were killed. They apparently made their way to higher ground days before the event happened. The people of the Moken tribe in Thailand have lived in isolation for decades. They emerged from the Tsunami almost untouched when the elders ordered a hilltop evacuation as they observed the sea rapidly receding before the deadly Tsunami hit. There were about 200 Moken living forty miles from Thailand's shore. When the massive wave crashed upon their village, the Moken, including elderly women and parents with babies on their backs, had already run to the hills. The Moken believe that the sea, their island, and all the objects upon the earth have spirits. The Moken use totem poles to communicate with them. For a very long time they have been taught by their ancestors to expect a people-eating wave whenever the tide receded far and fast. The Moken believed that Tsunami came because the sea was angry. The Chief of the Moken said, "We didn't do anything bad, but maybe someone else did. The wave has cleaned out the bad things."

I remember being in South Florida just two days before Hurricane Andrew touched down. I was on the beach looking into the water, and I noticed how strange the fish were acting. Being out of touch with the news media and other people for about a week, I had no idea what was going on. There were very few people on the beach. I walked up to a lifeguard and asked him why the beach was so empty. He said, "Haven't you heard the weather reports?" I said, "Heard what?" And he answered, "There's a hurricane on its way here. Hurricane Andrew." I said, "No, I haven’t heard," and began telling him how strange the fish were acting in the water. The fish were very nervous. This shows how some beings in nature are very in tune with the Earth and how alive Earth truly is. If we pay attention to the Earth, she will teach us many things and lead us to a more harmonious life.

Photos of the Moken tribe

After witnessing the massive Tsunami hitting South East Asia and watching thousands of birds reacting more then 8,000 miles from the epicenter of where it was soon to happen, I was brought to a knowing that the Earth is very much alive.

Do the animals have an inner connection with the Earth that many of us have forgotten? Do the Moken people have a connection that many Humans have forgotten? What can we learn from the animals and from the Moken people? Scientists are confirming that water is beginning to cover the earth more rapidly everyday. It may be a good idea and a good time for us all to learn more about water. This is what I have done, and this is where my journey with water began.

I have recently written a book called "Sacred Water." It’s about Nature, Animals, the Spirit of Water and how to move energy and access our oneness with creation. In learning how to connect with water and access the knowledge of water, I have learned how to heal myself and assist others in the healing process. I have also learned how to open portals to different dimensions, as you will see in the photographic images that I share with you here on this web site.


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