Remember the Water - Spiritography Gallery

Smiling Horse
by HA’a

While shooting a film in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii, I noticed this beautiful white horse running along side of my car with the green pasture behind her. I had to stop my car and meet her.

I walked up to her and telepathically asked, if she would smile for the camera, and by all means she agreed. It was truly an amazing encounter meeting her.

Every living being has a heart a soul and is very much alive. It’s up to you to change your vibration in order to be able to communicate.

Smiling Horse photo by HA'a -
Photo Taken by Robert Berman HA’a ©2008

Telepathically Communicating with Water

Water Talk
by Elvira

Robert and I were walking along a beautiful river winding through the redwoods near my home in northern California. The river flows along at a soft pace, and we came upon an area that was set apart by rocks and vegetation, creating a still pool. At this spot, Robert chose to communicate with the water.

Standing at the edge of the water, which was a flat mirror without movement, Robert stood with his palms facing the water, and began to tone. Soon, circular ripples appeared in the water, only a couple at first, but as his toning vibrations rose and fell, more and more circles appeared, and the pool became a symphony of overlapping circular ripples.

When Robert fell silent and lowered his hands, the pool was once again a motionless, flat mirror. I didn’t really accept that this was real. But watching Robert repeat the same event twice more, my heart opened to knowing there was very real communication between us and the water.

Then, one more thing happened. As we stood silently watching the motionless water reflecting the sky like a mirror, the water started its own movement. A deep point appeared in the center of the pool, and a single slow, deep circular ripple emanated from the center point and opened until it disappeared off the edge of the pool.

“What was THAT?” I asked in astonishment.

Robert smiled and said: “The water talked back”

Jumping Water portrait of Robert Berman HA'a

"While in Hawaii, I witnessed Oceans respond to him, I have witnessed him communicate with water and have watched it dance and obey his heart immersing spiraling in and through this great GOD self." ~ Choneye’